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Add some salt, will, pepper, 2 cups of strong motivation, an out-of-the-box perspective, bake for a few decades and then - voilà! - you get Radu Ticiu. Radu is a tech entrepreneur and education promoter in Romania. He is a CoderDojo champion and a community builder in Timișoara. With rich experience in the information technology and service industry, as well as social good and education, Radu makes community building seem easy. Through his practice he is a role-model in demonstrating how we can get things done in these trying times (COVID-19) and beyond.

In our previous episode “Edu & Tech” we had the pleasure to invite Dr. Diana Andone (Director @e-Learning Center of Politehnica University of Timisoara), Andra Munteanu (CEO @Narada) and Silvia Bogdan (President @Școala De Valori) to discuss about education using technology, when we need it the most. In our next episode on Social & Tech, Radu Ticiu shares his perspective on how to empower others to be the best version of themselves - and how to grow together as a society.

“You can see I'm a grey-haired one so there are lots of stories to be disclosed…”

By getting involved with a German youth organisation he was exposed to different ways of looking at the world and of generating (youth) activism within local communities. Since the early 90s he's been making ideas happen.

He’s been active in a number of initiatives in the field of programming education despite not being a programmer himself. This shows that expertise is something that comes with experience and commitment to the cause. By sharing his own experience of building lasting social change through technology use, we hope he is going to inspire others to be as courageous in taking the first steps towards engagement for the common good.

Radu is active in a number of projects related to programming education, since 2012 being a champion of CoderDojo. Given the current COVID-19 situation the TM set of projects were rapid reactions to the crisis aiming to solve specific problems that affected specific categories of people.

During the early days of the pandemic, for example, he’s been supporting the efforts of developing medical equipment through VentilaTM - Timișoara’s attempt to solve the problem of shortage of mechanical ventilators. Most recently, he co-founded EducaTM - a project trying to revive old equipment and distribute it to children from marginalized families. EducaTM is an initiative that activates the community, both individuals and organizations, to donate their unused-used equipment to its center of operations. Their volunteers collect the equipment, verify, test, clean, repair and (if need be) build it, so it can then be transferred to communities that need it.

“You shouldn’t confine yourself to a very limited field. No matter what you have studied, no matter what you are currently on. Do not consider that your life is totally settled. Be open towards change. Be open towards challenges. Try to work with others and invent things.”

But how did it all work out? And what about people’s involvement in these social projects? How can we contribute, connect and learn to act? We can listen to Radu’s stories of what mental, social and institutional frameworks make the combination of social and tech successful. The “Social & Tech” episode will be released this Thursday, August 27th, at 6PM.

Stay tuned! It’s time to #connect #learn #act.

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